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Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo Review

It’s been quite a while since I published a makeup review. Let me reintroduce its kind with this Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo review made just for you.

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on skin care. I used to play a lot with makeup but my life has been much easier because of the condition of my skin.

Most of the time, I don’t find the need to wear foundation whenever I go out. I’m very satisfied with just concealing my dark circles and I already feel confident.

However, there are times when I want to feel extra confident and makeup can only give that certain pop that I need.

Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

I got this product from my aunt who lives in the US. She sends me a lot of cosmetics because she has a problem and that consists the mall and her credit card.

I’m not going to complain because I get to try a lot of products because of her. However, she should really just stick with the bags because makeup is something that’s more complicated.


Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo Ingredients

First Impression

The look of the box and the palette are very sleek. I love the packaging and the feel.

Carton used is smooth like what most high-end brands use.

I really have nothing bad to say about it up until…

Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo Cracked Highlighter

I tried the highlighter and the thing just started crumbling into oblivion.

Let’s head on to more disappointments in this Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo review.

My Experience

To the touch, both the highlighter and blush are smooth and finely-milled. However, there’s something about the pressing of the powder that didn’t go right.

Shades are very pretty but I have fair skin and the highlighter just doesn’t give me the glow that I needed.


I brought only one highlighter to the beach (this) which was a total mistake because the longevity of this is very little to none.

The shimmer that it delivers is gone in just less than an hour which left me with absolutely nothing.

I thought that it’d show on the beach pictures that I took from my trip and give me that Instagram glow but it failed.

The efficacy of this is reminiscent of a magic act wherein things suddenly disappear.

Final Words

Max Studio Illuminating Blush Duo Swatches

It looks promising and has enticing aesthetics but it STOPS there.

I don’t want to be mean but this retails for 12.50 USD and isn’t worth a single penny.

I’d rather buy an app that’ll give me the glow I need rather than deal with this.

Suffice to say, I’m very disappointed.


  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Longevity: 1/5
  • Efficacy: 2/5
  • Affordability: N/A
  • Availability: ?

If you have an aunt living in the US, please tell her to stay away from this. It’s a waste of money.

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