Pimple Creams Philippines Review 2019 Feat
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Pimple Creams Philippines Review 2019

Dealing with pimples and don’t know where to start? Today, I’m going to enlist the products that I’ve tried in this Pimple Creams Philippines Review 2019 in order to help you.

However, please know that medication was a big part of my transformation and you can read more about it in my How to remove pimples with isotretinoin story.

Pimple Creams Philippines Review 2019

by Amanda of Filipinow

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The very reason as to why I was able to try a lot of different products is because of the enormous breakouts that I’ve obtained by trying a cream.

It was filled with different types of oils and we all know that the latter is acnegenic. The cream, paired with my acne-prone skin truly led to my demise.

I am not going to say which one’s the best because different pimple creams address different types of acne. I’m just going to share with you my experience with each product starting from my least to most favorite.

Celeteque Acne Solutions

Celeteque Acne Solutions Acne Spot Corrector Gel Pic 1

I love Celeteque products. However, this is my least favorite. Their pimple gel and toner aggravated my acne and the stinging sensation that I got was too much.

The toner made my face oilier and I think that it was drying my face out too much.

Back to the pimple gel, pain inflicted reminds me of whenever I get acne extraction done in skin clinics.

It won’t give instant gratification as it didn’t dry my pimples out overnight.

Celeteque Acne Solutions Full Review

Some by Mi Skin Care Set

Some by Mi Review 2018 Feat

I love the scent and the feel on my skin. However, I used the whole set religiously for 30 days and it didn’t get rid of my breakouts.

My pimples were leading to cystic acne and it was too complicated to be cured by the miracle Some by Mi claims to do.

Just like Celeteque Acne Solutions, its approach towards curing pimples is with BHA and PHA which are both very good but yet again, not enough for what I had.

Some by Mi Full Review

Moving on from the sets and to the gel/cream on its own in this Pimple Creams Philippines review starting with…

Akneclin Clindamycin and Akneclin Plus

Akneclin Clindamycin Review Inside

This review will not be complete without one of the most popular ways to treat acne… clindamycin.

It comes in oral and topical form but the latter is more popularly used in treating acne.

If your dermatologist has recommended this type of medication for you and if it didn’t work, immediately switch to another approach.

Even if this was skin-friendly to me and that I’d lose some acne while using it, I end up growing new ones again which was just very tiresome.

Akneclin Review

Benzoper Gel

Benzoper Gel Photo

Works slower in treating acne for me. However, I find that I didn’t grow new acne anymore on the same spot once it’s eliminated by this.

Out of all the pimple creams in the Philippines, this is the friendliest for my skin.

I’m currently not taking isotretinoin anymore and if I grow a pimple or 2, I’ll definitely use this again.

Let’s end this Pimple Creams Philippines review with my favorite…

Benzoper Gel Review

Centellian 24 Madeca Cream

Centellian24 Madeca Cream Pic

Like Some by Mi, this was made in Korea. However, the makers of this really know what they’re doing.

I don’t want to spoil anything but Madeca Cream is if not the best, one of the best pimple creams in the Philippines. Get to know as to why by reading my Madeca Cream full review.

However, please take not that this stings a bit on active acne.


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This post is not sponsored in any way. Everything is from my experience.

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