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Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock Review

Is your beach trip soon or do you just want an affordable sunblock for everyday use? This Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock Review may just be able to help you.

Most Filipinas use sunblock to avoid skin darkening. However, a sunscreen should do more than just that.

Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

I have tried a lot of sunscreens and they’re mostly quite pricey. Most brands sell 100ml for no less than 450 PHP.

To my surprise, Block and White only sells theirs for around 299 PHP.

I got mine from a drugstore before my trip to Boracay.


Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock Ingredients

Block and White helps block the sun’s damaging rays & whiten skin effectively!

  1. SPF 50 – 50x longer sun protection from UVB rays that cause sunburn
  2. UVA Shield (PA++) – Protects skin from UVA rays that cause prolonged skin darkening, premature ageing and skin damage
  3. Advanced White Active – Reduces melanin formation keeping skin fair even under the sun
  4. Water resistant and non-sticky – Long lasting and smooth on the skin

Everything sounds dandy but my only concern is the sun protection factor of only 50.

My skin is prone to getting burned under the sun so I need more. Let’s head on to less trivial stuff from this Block and White Intensive Whitening Sunblock review.

My Experience


I’ve never been a fan of Block and White products. I just don’t find them aesthetically appealing.

I won’t go into the nitty gritty of as to why I don’t like it. My mean blogger days are over.

Just look at the sad bottle itself.

Surprisingly, the smell of this sunblock is appealing. It has a typical fresh and clean scent that’s not too overpowering. I’m not a fan of heavily-scented skin care products because I have sensitive skin.

Consistency of this is very watery and is easily absorbed by the skin.

True to its claim, it’s indeed non-sticky. Water-resistance is also ample as I’ve used this on the beach where humidity is apparent.

However, please know that this has some density as any other sunblock so don’t expect a totally light-weight feel especially if you’re planning to apply it on your face.

Furthermore, this prevented my skin from feeling burned by the sun for a good 3 hours and I really have nothing bad to say about it.

Final Words


If you’re planning to use it as a daily sunblock especially if you’re an office worker who commutes by public transportation and get your skin exposed to the sun for short increments, I highly recommend it.

However, if you’re planning to stay under the sun for an extended period of time, I don’t recommend it. Yes, it is broad spectrum but the SPF is a bit low. If Block and White will come up with something that’s more than 70, it’s then that I can say that it’s a holy-grail product especially if the price point stays consistent.

  • Efficacy: 4/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 5/5
  • Packaging: 2/5
  • Affordability: 6/5
  • Availability: 5/5

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