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Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask Review 2019

Happy Manila Day or whatever holiday it is today. In celebration of that, I have a Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask review just for you.

I’m actually slowly starting to like Korean skin care products again. The recent ones that I’ve tried have performed very well for me. If you’re inclined to know if that winning streak was broken today, keep reading.

Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

Masks are usually placed in a sachet but this is the first time that I’ve seen something that delivers a premium feel.

The material used is very sturdy and has weight to it and I don’t even know why I’m talking about aluminum foil right now.

Amanda, stop being neurotic!

Suffice to say, I love it!

As I’ve said, it’s something that gives a high-quality impression from the get-go. However, the packaging is not what you’re here for.

Let’s continue with its…


Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask Review Inside

With its whitening essence and Niacinamide, everyone can get one step closer to their best complexion ever. Its rich essence transfers to face smoothly. It helps in lightening skin from within. Phyto Niacin Whitening Mask Pack brightens your skin at every use.

Maximizes its power with the micro sheet feature of the mask that flexibly adheres to skin for better absorption. It helps the sheet to transfer without drying. Utilizing Ellose fabric sheet, this mask moisturizes and creates radiant deep into the skin.

Suitable for all skin types.

Let’s head on to what’s truly important in this Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask review.

My Experience

Sheet is very easy to unfold unlike the usual.

Scent delivers an organic vibe as it smells like fresh bamboo and rainwater.

Hydration delivered lasts for hours but the feeling is not the same way of how a cream would usually give as this one makes you feel moist but lightweight.

Niacinamide is proven to be one of the most effective skin whitening ingredients but I’ve only tried this sheet once so I couldn’t attest to it on this level yet.

I have acne-prone and sensitive skin and the mask didn’t evoke bad reactions from it.

Let’s end this Nacific Phyto Niacin Whitening Essence Mask review with my…

Final Words

Since I was only able to try one, I can’t tell you if this will indeed lighten the scars and marks on your face. However, the skin-friendliness and hydration are of prime importance for me and this delivered well in those regards.

Not your average moisturizer as it is a humectant which doesn’t feel comedogenic.

Contains bamboo leaf extract, niacinamide, and hyaluronic acid, what more could you ask for?

The only issue that I have with it is its price of 300 PHP which if you multiply to around 3 times, can get you the same product but in serum form and would give you more uses.

  • Packaging: 6/5
  • Moisturization: 5/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 5/5
  • Affordability: 2/5
  • Availability: 5/5

I personally think that this was made for moments when one wants to luxuriate. If you can afford to use it regularly, I highly recommend for you to give it a try!

I got mine through Allthea Korea but I highly recommend for you to go for the serum instead. If you live in the Philippines, you’ll get yours in less than a week!

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