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My Breast Augmentation in Philippines

If you’ve been reading Filipinow, I’m sure that you are aware that I’ve decided to do my breast augmentation here in the Philippines. A lot of my readers are asking me as to why I got my breast augmentation in Philippines? What is Motiva Breast Implants?

Breast Augmentation in Korea and Why

by Amanda of Filipinow

Korea is a good place to do breast augmentation or plastic surgery because they are famous with their medical advancements. Cosmetic surgery has been a trend in Korea since time immemorial.

There’s a lot of people who go there just to do plastic surgery and the majority of which are foreigners. The very reason is because apart from having good work done, you also get to travel and enjoy their beautiful country.


You will get the chance to go to the studios of your idols while recovering. Exercise is recommended in order to reduce the swelling and what better way to do it than to walk and take photos of everything K-Pop?


Streets in Korea are like heaven for women. Apart from good food, you can find skin care and cosmetics just on the side walk. You can really shop till you drop.

Most importantly, no one will care if you gallivant the streets with a bandage on your face. It’s an everyday thing in Korea.

My Worries

Breast Augmentation in Korea Worries Amanda Dela Cruz

Though all of the listed things above are tempting, I still got mine done in the Philippines. Please know that I had mine done way back in 2012 and at that time, Korea Breast Surgery was still unknown to me.

Korea Breast Surgery is a medical plastic surgery tourism agent.

If I only knew about it back then, my breast augmentation journey would’ve been way different. However, I am planning to get more things done so I’m looking forward to it.

Furthermore, I had a lot of considerations. I worried that if I got my breast augmentation in Korea, or any other country, I wouldn’t be able to contact my doctor if I need any help after the surgery and I’m back in the Philippines. Also, if I do it in Philippines, I only need to spend 2,400 USD. In Korea, the price would be triple or even more.

However, that’s not the case with Korea Breast Surgery.


Breast Augmentation in Korea and Why Amanda Dela Cruz

Don’t worry because Korea Breast Surgery will be able to answer all of your worries through e-mail. You can contact them and ask here.

Other than that, they are using a new and really good implant called Motiva Breast Implant, no, I’m not using it but I’ve read many great things.

I think they’re popular because they’re very soft. They also look very natural and have less than 1% capsular contracture rate, 0% late seromas, 0% double capsule, 0% implant rupture, and low complication rate. I read all of these from reviews.


Motiva Round Implants is the most popular implant in the Philippines due to its shape and projection. Motiva Round Implant is able to achieve a “push-up” breast look with the highest projection of the implant located at the centre. Therefore, it has the advantage to achieve fullness of upper breasts with a round bottom and a curved middle area at the same time. If you are looking to achieve a young, full and active look, then Motiva Implants is right for you.

Features of Motiva round implant:

– Well balanced gel firmness and elasticity

– Increase upper-breast fullness

– Active and Younger look

– Full projection and profile

Motiva Implants benefits and advantages:

1. The most complete range of implant projections to meet the expectations of patients’ and surgeons’
2. Ease of insertion, durability and outstanding strength with Motiva’s TrueMonobloc® shell design
3. TrueTissue Dynamics™ adds a natural look, feel and movement to the body.
4. The ProgressiveGel Plus™ is 100% filled, 100% ultra-soft, and 100% form-stable for optimal shape retention.
5. Biocompatible and controlled nanosurfaces for surgeons and patients.
6. Q Inside Safety Technology™ enables the retrieving of unique information externally from the breast implants.

MOTIVA is truly designed to improve both the patient’s and the doctor’s satisfaction.

I don’t know where in the Philippines Motiva Breast Augmentation is available already. If you’re interested, you can call the clinic to know if they’re already available.

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