Purbasari Lulur Mandi Review 2019 Feat
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Purbasari Lulur Mandi Review 2019

I’m coming to you from a rainy Monday with this Purbasari Lulur Mandi review in Milk and Yam Bean variant. I know that you’re pretty excited because a lot of my readers stumbled upon this blog from my whitening scrub reviews.

If you don’t have any idea as to why I’m enthusiastic about writing this, keep reading.

Purbasari Lulur Mandi Review 2019

by Amanda of Filipinow

Drugstores in the Philippines are flooded with different skin whitening scrubs. However, the last lulur scrub that I’ve tried was from the brand called Asian Secrets and it was discontinued.

I really loved that product and I haven’t seen a lulur scrub in years until I saw the Purbasari brand in a drugstore.

If you’re wondering what a lulur scrub is, it’s a kind of exfoliation treatment that bride-to-bes in Indonesia have been practicing for a long time before their wedding day.

They do this in order to achieve smoother and whiter skin.

If you prefer chemical exfoliants like BHA, PHA, and AHA, you will not like this one. However, personally, when it comes to skin on the body, I want a physical scrub as I feel that it’s more effective in getting rid of dead skin cells.

We all know that our body’s skin is way thicker than what we have on our faces.

Besides, I don’t use a lulur scrub for the face anyway. I’m not here to justify why I like physical exfoliants because frankly, I don’t have all day.


Purbasari Lulur Mandi Milk and Yam Bean Extract Details

Purbasari Milk and Yam Bean Bath Body Scrub with milk extract makes your skin moist and smooth, combined with Yam Bean Extract to brighten your skin.

The scrub gently removes impurities and dead skin cells. Makes your skin brighter and fresh.

Direction of Use: As replacement of bath soap, scrub it all over your skin while it’s dry. Rinse with fresh water. Frequent usage gives optimum effect.

First Impression

I was really excited from the get-go that I didn’t care about the packaging. Drugstores in the Philippines have scrubs but it was just exciting for me to see a lulur one.

Looking at the packaging now, it’s a little unappealing but not totally off-putting.

It has quite a lot going on and could’ve been much better without the milk and bengkoang image.

Let’s head on to what’s really important in this Purbasari Lulur Mandi review.

My Experience

Purbasari Lulur Mandi Milk and Yam Bean Extract Inside

Scent is what always gets me with these lulur scrubs. I love the feminine, delicate floral, and woody notes. It gives a luxurious feel as most scrubs are either too fruity or sweet.

The beads are not too abrasive which makes this perfectly fine to be utilized daily.

Its base is creamy and is very easy to apply.

I don’t recommend it to be used on the face as this physical exfoliant is quite fragrant.

Final Words

If you’re looking for an effective exfoliator for the body, this is it. It can also be used as accompaniment for your skin whitening goals.

Retails at only 70~ PHP, a true steal!

  • Packaging: 3/5
  • Efficacy: 5/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 5/5
  • Affordability: 6/5
  • Availability: 5/5

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