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How To Choose The Wedding Makeup Look That Will Suit You Best

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, and so it’s important to look perfect. Makeup can be tricky to figure out, but don’t worry! We’re here to tell you how to choose the best wedding makeup for you – read on to find out more!

What You’ll Need

Think about the kind of makeup you use normally – do you keep it simple or do you use lots? Do you focus on the eyes or more on the lips? Take note as to what your usual style is – remember, although you want to look perfect, you don’t want to get rid of your natural style, and in fact, this can make you feel much more comfortable and confident in yourself. It’s worth checking this out first to find the most affordable and quality choice of makeup for you; after all, free makeup is always worth getting!

You may also get a bit of inspiration – it’s important to do some research and get some ideas on the styles you like and the different designs which appeal to you the most, as well as colors and other accessories (e.g. glitter). In fact, there are even several apps which will allow you to try out different makeup styles on your own face, just by using the camera or selecting a picture of yourself, which could be very useful in establishing which is the best look for you, and which suits you best.

Common Styles

There are a few styles which are classic, and never get old – let’s run through them.


glamour bridal makeup

This is for those who like to have a sharp, dramatic look – a smoky eye and bright, red lipstick is a perfect combination to give yourself a bold look, which is bound to get you looking and feeling confident.


Vintage bride makeup

A little older in style, the vintage look still doesn’t go out of fashion – a dark lipstick paired with some winged eyeliner is simple but makes a statement, and really brings out your natural features. This look works particularly well if you’re planning on wearing any pearls.


Natural Makeup Bridal

Natural is all about being subtle – remember, makeup is only to enhance your beauty, not create it, and going for a natural look with soft, pale colors like a gentle blush and neutral lipstick will only intensify your natural glow. If you don’t usually wear much makeup, this is the best option to avoid covering up your true style.


Smoky Eye bridal makeup

To get a smoky look, we’re looking for darker colors – the main focus is on the eyes, with plenty of eye shadow and mascara to place plenty of emphasis on them. Going for darker, more subtle lip colors is best here – a brown lipstick can work really well to give you a sharp, elegant look.

Think about the kind of colors you want to use – a tint of color can perfect your look and make you stand out from the rest. We recommend going for either plum or maroon on the lips, or even silver with your eyes, to finish your look nicely. Making sure you consider your outfit, as well as your hairstyle, is essential – trying to get them to match as much as possible is the best way to cement your look together and make sure your appearance is perfect. A lacy dress is much more suited to a vintage look, whereas going for something smoother and shorter cut goes well with a bolder look like a glamour look.

At the end of the day, it’s your big day – you have to go with what feels right for you. Enjoy experimenting with styles and once you’ve found the one, you’re bound to ooze with beauty and confidence.

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