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RDL Baby Face 3 Review

If you’re expecting for this RDL Baby Face 3 review to tackle the skin on your face, this is not for you.

I’ve only used it to lighten certain areas of my body like the groin and armpits so if you’re interested in this, keep reading.

To be honest, I didn’t think of this myself. I’ve learned about it when I stumbled upon a YouTube video of Stephanie Kearns called Mabisang Pampaputi ng Kilikili in just 1 week: 101% Real.

RDL Baby Face 3 Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

Why haven’t I thought about trying it before? First of all, hydroquinone is the most potent skin whitening ingredient and together with tretinoin, which is a very powerful exfoliant, RDL Baby Face 3 definitely works in addressing skin discolorations.

However, the reason as to why I haven’t been using over-the-counter hydroquinone is because I was traumatized from trying out MaxiPeel when I was around 21 years old.

I got the most horrendous breakout of my life from it and I swore to myself that it, or anything similar, would never touch my skin ever again.

First Impression

RDL Baby Face Solution 3

RDL Baby Face is not as easy to find compared to its counterpart MaxiPeel. I was only able to purchase it in Mercury Drug for around less than 100 PHP for 60ml.

The packaging has a retro vibe and the bottle it’s contained in is like of a cough syrup’s.

From the video, Stephanie recommended for it to be transferred in a spray bottle which I think is a genius idea because your skin will peel harshly and rubbing peeled skin with something as abrasive as a cotton ball can be quite painful.

She recommended the solution to be sprayed twice on the underarms which I didn’t follow because I’m an impulsive person and wanted fast results.

Let’s head on to what really matters in this RDL Baby Face 3 review.

My Experience

RDL Baby Face 3 ingredients

So anyway, I got the strongest variant which contains 40mg of hydroquinone and 20mcg of tretinoin.

I sprayed 4 times on each area twice a day for the first 3 days and the peeling started on the 5th day.

My amazement can’t be explained as to how it works so quickly that it indeed lightened my underarms in just less than a week.

However, I did the worst mistake in my life by rubbing the peeling skin harshly which turned my underarms very red and painful.

I had to deal with 3 straight days of pain and constantly reapplying aloevera gels just to get by.

My skin is dry and sensitive and once my underarms fully heal, I’m going to continue using RDL again but I’ll start with the Solution 1. I will let the peeling process go on its own and be patient with it.

I don’t recommend for you to use RDL on the groin area because that’s even worse and something that I won’t ever be doing again.

Final Words

Packaging: 3/5

Efficacy: 5/5

Skin-Friendliness: 1/5

Affordability: 6/5

Availability: 5/5

If instant gratification on a low budget is what you’re looking for, definitely give it a go. If pain-free is your aim, this isn’t it.

By the way, you cannot use this when you’re pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and breastfeeding.

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