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Vedette Cocoa Clay Facial Mask Review 2020

Picture this- you’re heading into the weekend with your favorite romantic comedy film. Snacks in one hand, drinks on the other. You’re slowly making your way to the best part of the film. Put on your favorite face mask and chill away. Easing into the long weekend has never been better! That’s exactly what we did. We’re trying out Vedette’s Cocoa Clay Facial Mask.

Vedette Cocoa Clay Facial Mask Review 2020

By Rhea of Filipinow

Remember the times when wearing face masks literally meant taking care of the skin?

Dark humor aside, face masks are my go to fix whenever I want an instant glow on the skin.

Not only do they provide essential nutrients for the skin, using your favorite facial mask allows you to relax while getting the good stuff under the surface of the skin.

Vedette is actually a Vietnamese brand. They offer a wide range of masks and other beauty products like cleansers and foams at an affordable price.

First Impression

All the fuss about clay masks started back in 2018 in the country. The famous Aztec clay mask is the most popular one.

There are several types of clay masks but we’ll only be talking about one.

Bentonite clay mask is specifically good for oily skin. It combats excessive production of oil on the skin. It also helps in clearing out gunk from the skin.

This product works well for people who suffer from acne and oily skin. However, if you have sensitive skin, this might cause irritation.

Today we’ll be trying out Vedette’s Cocoa Clay Facial Mask.

This comes in a 15 ml sachet, priced at PHP 65. You could get them from Watson’s or your local department store.

My Experience

Product Claims: Restructuring and anti-aging for soft, radiant skin. Shrinks pores and helps prevent blackheads.

Application: Apply product on clean face. Put this on for 20 minutes and rinse with water. Use once to twice a week for best results.

The first thing I noticed is it really does a good job at cleaning out dirt. My face feels and looks squeaky clean after washing the product off.

It felt itchy at first when I was leaving it on the skin, but when the product settled, everything went well.

The product has a fruity scent to it which I liked.

It’s able to blur out pores after each use. There’s also a mattifying effect after wash.

The Cocoa Clay Facial Mask from Vedette leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized.

I have sensitive skin but it worked well for me. Always remember to do a patch test first before using the product.

Final Words

If you wanna try a new brand of Facial Masks for your personal use, check out Vedette and their wide range of Facial Masks. Check out Vedette’s Shopee page here.

Packaging: 3/5

Efficacy: 4/5

Skin-Friendliness: 3.5/5

Affordability: 5/5

Availability: 3/5

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