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We’ll be talking about a brand that has been making serious buzz since they first launched their products. Get ready to fall in love with the products that will change your skincare game forever.


By Rhea of Filipinow

Nowadays, the market is filled with numerous products that makes caring for the skin a much easier feat.

Foreo’s devices have definitely become the most sought after beauty tools when it comes to skin care.

The Swedish beauty brand continues to bring topnotch products since their launch in 2013.

Let’s check out the some of Foreo’s bestselling products.

First Impression


ForeoUFO Device Review

The Foreo UFO Device makes use of hyper-infusion technology— which uses the skin’s natural reaction to heat and cold. It also employs the use of signature T-Sonic pulsations to ensure you get the most out of every mask treatment.

It combines advanced dermal technology along with an exclusive arsenal of Korean mask formula giving you a top-notch facial treatment in seconds.

Think of it as having your facial at your favorite salon- except that you’re lounging in the comforts of your own home.

With the UFO device, you can easily enjoy your favorite mask treatments anytime, anywhere.

It’s definitely an experience you wouldn’t wanna miss out on!


Foreo Glow Addict Mask (1)

The Glow Addict Mask from Foreo is an enhanced brightening face mask. This costs PHP 1,240. It has pearl extracts which instantly brighten dull skin for a youthful, radiant glow.

Use this along with the Foreo UFO device for best results.

My Experience

Foreo UFO and Glow Addict Mask

I’ve been using both the UFO device and the masks from Foreo for the past month. Let’s get into my experience!

Product Claims: Decadent facial experience in seconds. Achieve dazzling glow, clear skin & a fresh complexion.

1) Download the FOREO app and pair your UFO device.
2) Secure your chosen FOREO activated mask into the UFO device
3) Use the UFO on clean, dry skin. Massage the UFO using circular motions until the device turns off.
4) Pat dry any remaining essence. You can also use your moisturizer after the treatment.

Even on my first try, the device is very user friendly. It’s really a pleasurable experience. The device easily connects to my phone. All you need is bluetooth and the Foreo App.

Since we’ve used the UFO device to apply the Foreo Glow Addict mask onto the face, the properties of the mask are absorbed easily into the skin. It enables the brightening properties to penetrate deeper into the skin.

After one month of using the Foreo Glow Addict Mask for six days a week, my acne scars definitely became lighter and less noticeable.

I love how it gave me instant results. It’s able to give me a healthy looking glow and instantly brightens the face after use.

Final Words

I absolutely loved how these amazing products from Foreo work.

The UFO device is a fun tool to use whenever I’m applying masks. You can also use other brands of masks with the UFO device from Foreo. I’ve tried this out and it works well too.

It’s quite expensive for the regular Pinay, but worth every penny. You are definitely getting your money’s worth.

Are you ready to up your skincare game with Foreo?

Check out more of their products and prices here.

Packaging: 5/5

Efficacy: 5/5

Skin-Friendliness: 5/5

Affordability: 2/5

Availability: 5/5

Let us know if you have tried any of these products from Foreo.

Hope you enjoyed today’s review on the Foreo UFO device and the Foreo Glow Addict Mask.



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