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Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner Review

Now more than ever, we need to take good care of our skin. An easy way to this is by incorporating appropriate products into our skincare. Read on to know more about the Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner.

Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner Review

By Rhea of Filipinow

Since most of us have the luxury of time now, it’s easier to put in more effort in taking care of our skin.

How does the toner work? Basically, its main function is to remove impurities from the skin. It’s also able to cleanse the face from any residual makeup.

Among the famous types of toners include the crowd favorite micellar cleansers. These are able to remove grime, makeup and cleanses the skin. Toners with salicylic acid work well with acne prone skin. Toners with AHA and BHA does not only hydrate the skin- it’s also able to improve the texture of the skin. For dry skin, try to look for toners with glycolic acid. If you have combination skin, you can try out toners that have aloe vera as its main ingredient.

Today, we’ll be trying out the Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner.

First Impression

Over the years, Belo has introduced a variety of skincare products.

When I saw the Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner, I knew I had to try it out.

I like how the bottle is lightweight. It’s also easy to control the amount of product you want to use.

This product retails for only PHP 80, for a 60 ml bottle. This is pretty good, considering the amount of product you get.

My Experience


How to use the product: Apply product with a cotton ball, gently dab across the face and the neck.

I personally did not like the scent- it smells like a nasty perfume.

It’s gentle on the skin- there is only a slight stinging sensation, compared to other toners I’ve tried.

I loved how it was able to lighten dark spots. It’s not completely gone- but have gone less noticeable.

When it comes to cleansing, I did not feel that my skin was thoroughly cleansed by this product.

Although the product claims to give smoother and firmer skin in 7 days, I can definitely say it did not make my skin smoother even upon finishing the bottle.

I really wanted this to work well with my skin but sadly it didn’t, probably because the tranexamic and kojic acid was not compatible with my oily, sensitive & acne-prone skin.

For those with a different skin type I think this would work better.

Final Words

Based on my experience, I will not consider purchasing this again because it was not a good match for my skin. But then again, we all have different skin types and who knows this might work for you.

Keep in mind that when using this, the key is patience. It would take more than a bottle to see the results you want.

If you wanna see how the Belo Intensive Whitening Kojic + Tranexamic Acid Micropeeling Toner might work for you, check them out here. 

Packaging: 4/5

Efficacy: 3/5

Skin-Friendliness: 3/5

Affordability: 4/5

Availability; 5/5

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Until next time.



Blair Waldorf wanna be | ENTP


  • Reggie Glanville

    You will need to be careful about choosing a skin lightening cream, because some companies use chemical agents in their products that can be harmful to your health. They might also use harmful ingredients. Make sure that you read the ingredients on the label before purchasing the product.

    • Rhea Camton

      Hi Reggie, that is true. It’s important to check out the ingredients of every product before using them- especially when it’s for the face. Thanks for dropping by.

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