Colourette Colourtint Tati Review
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Colourette Cosmetics Colourtint in Tati Review 2020

The sun’s out and we’re here to play. Check out one of the famous lip products from this local beauty brand, Colourette Cosmetics.

Colourette Cosmetics Colourtint in Tati Review 2020

By Rhea of Filipinow

Nothing will keep me from wearing lip products. There’s something about a bold lip shade that gives you that kick of confidence.

Founded in 2015, Colourette Cosmetics is all about fuss free and affordable products for every Pinay.

The Colourtint is one of the crowd favorites among their products.

These are multi-use oil tints which could be used for the eyes, cheeks and lips.

Talk about bang for your buck!

First Impression

I got the shade Tati in Matte.

The Colourette Colourtint costs PHP 299. It’s pretty decent since you already get 12 ml worth of product.

What I love about their Colourtint is how there are so much shades to choose from. I’m sure you’ll easily pick your favorite or two.

The packaging is sleek and lightweight.

The lid also seals off nicely.

Since the product is oil based, be sure to give it a good shake before using.

My Experience

Colourette Coloaurtint Tati Review Filipinow

Application is very smooth. I love how the brush applicator is angled, making it so easy to use.

The formula is also amazing. Even if the product is matte, it’s not drying at all.

This is also easy to blend and pigmented. It’s perfect for use not only for the lips but for the cheeks and lids as well.

The color payoff is rich. The shade I got, Tati is a coral sunset orange hue.

This is perfect for everyday wear.

I liked how the product is transfer proof. However, I noticed that after meals, the color has faded a bit.

You need to reapply every 3 hours or so if you’ll be having meals.

Overall, this is something I will purchase again in the future.

Final Words

Once again, numbers don’t lie. A lot of people have been raving about these for such a long time. I’m glad to finally try the Colourette Colourtint. This is such a sulit purchase. I’m sure I’ll get more colors in the future.

Packaging: 5/5

Efficacy: 4/5

Skin-Friendliness: 4/5

Affordability: 4/5

Availability: 4/5

Tell us about your favorite shade from their Colourtint collection.

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