Amanda Dela Cruz is a TransPinay Writer who is a former Author of a YA Paranormal-Romance Novel. As a TransPinay, her journey to beauty was like a tricycle ride on a rocky road and she wants to share her knowledge about beauty, treatments, products, hormones (for MTF transgenders like her), procedures, surgeries and etc. to the Modern Pinays (The Anti-Losyang Pinays as she calls them.)

Her aim is to feature products which are beautifying and easily available in the Philippines with non-pretensyosa price points.

She believes that humility and simplicity are trademark characters of FIlipina women but in this fast paced and ever-punishing cosmopolitan world, Filipinas are ever changing and embracing their newer selves. Enough with the polbo and lipstick lang maganda na. A little effort goes a long way.

She wishes that FilipiNOW (Filipina NOW) could be a place (Kubo or Nipa Hut) where Modern Pinays alike can share their experiences in regards to the world of beauty filled with disillusions and promises.


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