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If you can’t afford to go to the dermatologist, try this little skin type test to determine your skin type.

How do I get clear skin? (Paano kikinis ang balat ko o paano magpakinis ng balat?)

That question should only be secondary to the most important question to be asked if you want clear skin.

The real question is…

How do I determine my skin type? (Paano malalaman ang skin type ko?)

You will only know if products/services will work for you once you correctly determine your skin type.

If you want to go the easy route, visit a dermatologist; however, if you currently have no budget, there are telltale signs that can help determine your skin type.

Let me start by giving you the 3 common skin types which are normal, dry, and oily. The other two are combination and sensitive skin.

I’m going to list the skin types one by one. You have to be honest with yourself if you really want to know the type of skin that you have.

Begin Skin Type Test

People who have a normal skin type are almost always hydrated and have clear skin. Let’s start with the most annoying (because I don’t have it) and hardest to determine in the skin type test. The type with the least problems and isn’t choosy with products.

Normal Skin Type

Before you do a victory lap, there are some things that you should be aware of if you have this type of skin. Normal skin type doesn’t mean flawless skin. You are still prone to blemishes or other skin problems especially if you have a “friend” who sabotages you with the wrong types of skin care products as gifts for your birthday or Christmas.

People with normal skin type should avoid products that are made for oily and dry skin because those products usually cause the skin to be excessively dry or excessively oily (when used for the normal skin type).

Only use products that are made for your skin type. Most skin care products available in the Philippines or anywhere in the world have “For Oily Skin, For Normal Skin, For Dry Skin or For Sensitive Skin” written on the packaging.

Skin also changes as we age, it can be drier, oilier or more sensitive. Hormone levels sometimes change which in turn greatly affects the skin type you have. Taking a skin type test from time to time is highly recommended.

Normal skin type is also the cheapest to maintain as you don’t need additional creams, serums, makeup products and etc.

If you currently have normal skin, good for you.

Gone with the wind fabulous Kenya Moore

How will I know if I have a Normal Skin Type? (Paano ko malalaman kung normal ang skin type ko?)

P.S. Please answer honestly in this Skin Type Test to determine your correct skin type.

  • Don’t apply any product before going to bed.
  • Once you wake up, check your skin. If your skin isn’t too greasy and your pores aren’t open, your skin is not oily.
  • Check for skin flaking. If you have dry skin, it is usually apparent on the cheeks and on the sides of the nose. If you don’t see any, you don’t have dry skin. Also feel your skin if it’s dry to the touch.
  • If your skin is not prone to redness and sensitivity from products, your skin is not sensitive.
  • Try checking your T-Zone (forehead, nose and chin) area. If it’s not oily and you’ve passed the other tests, you have a normal skin type.
  • If you wake up with just enough amount of hydration all over your face and it’s not greasy or lacks moisture to the touch, you have a beautiful Normal Skin Type.

Dry Skin Type

This is something very personal and I really hate it. I have Dry and Sensitive skin and it sucks because there are some products that I really like but can’t use because if I did, my skin will be bombarded with acne, redness, flaking, and other skin issues.

Dry Skin Type requires maintenance and caution. There are a lot of great-smelling products that you can’t use if you have this type of skin. I know the feeling very well, we’re stuck with the boring alcohol and fragrance-free ones.

This skin type also guarantees premature wrinkles so using anti-aging products while you’re young is a must. Start as early as your late 20s.

Skin Type Test Dry Skin

Some people say that drinking water will help hydrate the skin and that’s not true. It will help your health holistically but definitely won’t change your skin type. People with dry skin SHOULD always use a moisturizer and cream based are best for them as their skin absorbs cream type products better.

The only upside of this skin type is that pores are less obvious and it is less prone to acne than its oily counterpart.

How will I know if I have a Dry Skin Type? (Paano ko malalaman kung dry ang skin type ko?)

  • Don’t apply any product before going to bed.
  • Once you wake up, feel your face with your fingers if it is dry (sometimes scaly).
  • Also check for skin flakes and dry patches (especially on the cheeks and brow area).
  • Check your nose if it’s dry and if it has flaking on the sides.
  • If your face is dry with no significant redness or irritation and it isn’t sensitive to most products that you’ve tried, you have a Dry Skin Type.

If you want to know what products I’m using for my dry skin, feel free to CLICK HERE

Oily Skin Type

This skin type has the best and worst of both worlds. It is prone to acne and can get annoyingly shiny by mid-day but it is also the type of skin that does not age very quickly.

Oily Skin Type, like dry, requires a lot of maintenance (especially with makeup) and is very selective of products as well.

This skin type requires s TONER. Whoever said that you do not need a toner if you have oily skin is not your friend.

How will I know if I have an Oily Skin Type? (Paano ko malalaman kung oily ang skin type ko?)

  • Don’t apply any product before going to bed.
  • Check if you wake up with a greasy feel on your face to the touch.

Skin Type Test Oily Skin

  • Look at your pores if they are easily visible.
  • It’s the easiest to determine. If you did the test and got both results, you definitely have an Oily Skin Type.

Combination Skin Type

This is the most expensive skin type. It’s very hard to find a product that says “For Combination Skin Type”. If you want to have really good skin, you have to have products for Dry Skin Type and Oily Skin Type.

You have to be precise when applying products for this type of skin because you don’t want to cross boundaries when applying a toner for oily skin and a cream-based moisturizer for dry skin.

Focus on this skin type test because like normal, this skin type is tricky to determine as well.

How will I know if I have a Combination Skin Type? (Paano ko malalaman kung combination ang skin type ko?)

  • Don’t apply any products before going to bed.
  • Once you wake up, feel your skin with your fingers.

Skin Type Test Combination Skin

  • If the T-Zone Area is oily but the other parts of your face are dry, you have a Combination Skin Type.

Sensitive Skin Type

I’m so sorry for you… just kidding.

This skin type is the most peculiar and annoying one. It is prone to inflammation, rosacea, allergies, and etc.

It is very hard to have this skin type but with the right information and products, it can exhibit clear skin.

How will I know if I have a Sensitive Skin Type? (Paano ko malalaman kung sensitive ang skin type ko?)

  • Use any products that you can easily find in the drugstore like toners with alcohol and fragrances and if your skin reacts in a bad way, you might have sensitive skin. This is a bit harder to determine especially if severe acne is the reaction you’re getting from products.

Skin Type Test Sensitive Skin

  • If you encounter instant redness, irritation or inflammation from skin care products, immediately stop and seek help from a dermatologist.

Now that you have determined your skin type, I hope that it will be easier for you to find the right skin care products.

There’s a wide variety of skin care products available in the Philippines and we tend to get overwhelmed. Always read the packaging and never use something just because it’s on-trend.

Don’t let your skin type intimidate you. Accept it and nourish it with the right attitude and products.

If you liked this skin type test, please share it to your loved ones or anyone you know who has skin problems. One share can change millions of lives.

“Personal beauty is a greater recommendation than any letter of reference” – Aristotle


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