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Ian Darcy Perfume Review 2018

Filipinos are known to have very good hygiene and most Modern Pinays love a good fragrance. Designer perfumes can cost up to 1/4 of a month’s salary for most Filipinos and local perfumeries capitalize on that. How does Ian Darcy perfume fare with other brands?

There are a lot of perfume for women that really speak to me.

If you’ve been reading my blog, you’ll know that longevity is the most important factor for me when it comes to choosing scents.

Aficionado is the most popular local perfumery that sells “inspired” perfumes of designer brands.

The scents of Aficionado hold close familiarity to the designer ones but you’ll still know that their products are made predominantly of alcohol, hence they won’t get the exact scent.

The thing that’s good about Aficionado is that one bottle is very affordable but the longevity of their “perfumes” can only last a good hour, 3 if you’re lucky.

Aficionado is almost everywhere making it the most accessible out of all the local perfumeries that offer “inspired” scents.

The brand that I like when it comes to “inspired” scents is Prescripto.

Their products hold a close smell to designer perfumes and the longevity can last up to 4 hours which is good enough as EDT.

The only thing I don’t like about Prescripto is that their stores are not easily found everywhere.

I’m going to talk more about other brands on another review but for now, let’s continue with the main topic.

Ian Darcy Perfume Review 2018

Ian Darcy Perfume Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue Inside

It’s very easy to be drawn to Ian Darcy because their kiosks look very inviting.

The packaging of their products looks really fresh and clean (things I look for the most when it comes to fragrances).

Their scents come in a frosted bottle and a white sticker label which cites the brand name and Facebook URL (wish they could’ve omitted the latter because it ruined the packaging for me).

The only thing I don’t like about the Ian Darcy perfume packaging is that the fonts smear off easily which makes the whole thing look dirty.

Moving on to less trivial things.


Ian Darcy is true to its claim in regards of being “oil-rich” (sounds like an Arab country).

They say that the oils they use come from France and they really emphasize on being “oil-rich” from what’s written on the packaging.

“This Oil-Rich and Long-Lasting Perfume is exclusively manufactured and distributed by: Ian Darcy Oil-Rich Collections – Manila, Philippines”.

The perfumes were not watered down or drowned in alcohol. I hope that they could’ve at least tested more with different skin types (Know your Skin Type for FREE HERE).

The reason being is that I have a sensitive skin type and direct contact of scented oils on my skin deliver not only good smell but stinging and pain as well.

It has a “hapdi and init” factor when applied to the neck area; very similar to when applying efficascent oil.


I chose the most popular one being imitated in the Philippines which is the Dolce and Gabanna Light Blue.

Ian Darcy’s take on the designer brand is almost accurate as theirs also has a hint of musk.

They are spot-on with the longevity and scent but they missed out on the Light Blue’s famous sillage.

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Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue is known for its “Bitch I’m here!” announcement. You can smell it from miles away but the Ian Darcy perfume requires people to come closer to know that you’ve arrived.

I think that the price 350 PHP is fair but I’d seriously trade in a glass bottle for better sillage (Hello Victoria’s Secret).


  • Close smell to the original one
  • Fair price
  • Lasts up to 8 hours on the crevices of the skin
  • Frosted glass bottle


  • Painful to sensitive skin
  • Very little sillage
  • Fonts on the packaging easily smear
  • Not a lot of stores nationwide, would be better if they have a Lazada Official Store


It’s a 50/50 for me. I like perfumes that make a statement and this particular Ian Darcy perfume doesn’t make one.

I guess that it can suffice for “intimate moments” but as a “perfume” perfume, it’s not quite there yet.

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  • Ankita Bardhan

    I understand what you mean. The longevity of perfumes has always been a issue with me, no matter whichever I try or whatever hacks I try, no perfume stays on me more than 2 hours! Sometimes not even an hour! So I am saving up now to invest in EDPs rather than EDTs!
    Hope you’re having an amazing week!
    Real Girl Talks | Ankita Bardhan

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