Is blow drying your hair bad feat
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Is Blow Drying your hair BAD?

If a burning question like is blow drying your hair bad has been nagging you, guest blogger Ashley Romero is here to help.

Is Blow Drying your hair Bad?

by Ashley Romero

Blow dryers damage your hair Conditioners can save 1

Hair plays a vital role to display our image and helps you to get the style you want. Most of the time, we use hair dryer and conditioner to maintain proper moisture that helps us to groom gentleman or women’s styling woes. I must admit; it wasn’t until I started using these products regularly and realized my own hair styling goals.

Certainly, there are enough benefits that are hard to say all but similarly, the flip side of coin tells you about the chance of dangerous damages that might be on the way if few things are taken so lightly.

Basically maintaining healthy hair depends on many things and procedures that are solely responsible for flawless functioning. And ignoring one step might create a major interruption in achieving your desired hairstyle. Meaning; using this heat tool can cause adverse effects on the hair and more if it is used in a bad way.

But that doesn’t have to be the same for all the time. If you can use a few other ingredients and if those have a promising result for achieving the level of moisture would be great— Amplixin revitalizing conditioner is the best hair growth conditioner  among of them.

So… is blow drying your hair BAD?

The side effects of using a hair blower

As you already know using such heating device can cause lots of damage to your styling elements.  Blow drying seems to be a very easy solution to get good looking hair quickly and the best way to speed up the drying process for a sleek look. I’d rather say it’s the easiest way to cause damage to your hair.

The excess heating mechanism can cause a “flash drying” effect by removing water from the hair that can lead to dehydration. The effect of this dehydration is; hair cuticles become brittle, dry and rigid- the final stage is hair breakage.

A blow dryer can put scalp under strain by drying the natural oil from strands. Moisture is essential for the scalp just like your hair. When you take shower, water enters strands of follicles. After returning from the shower, when you switch on your blower dryer to heat up, the moisture of your scalp’s get evaporates and thus creates empty spaces by pushing hair fibers.

These empty spaces kill the hair root, damaged the scalp’s natural environment and make your hair prone to damage or break.

Now that you have the answer to is blow drying your hair bad, it’s time for you to fix it.

How conditioner can fix damaged hair caused by blow-dryer

How conditioner can fix damaged hair caused by blow-dryer

As you already know heat-styling products can cause serve damage to the hair cortex, cuticles and stripping off the natural oil for hair and leave your hair feeling dry, rough, and brittle.

However, well-formulated deep conditioners, natural oil treatments, and masks can help.

Deep conditioner is different and advances formula from the regular conditioner. The deep conditioner works for the hair surface and allows penetrating the deeper layer of hair strands. It has low molecular weight ingredients that pass through the barriers and allowing penetrating the cuticle and cortex.

This revitalizing conditioner is formulated with the proper pH to prevent the hair shaft from swelling and allowing the dye to leak out. But no product can work like miracles overnight, however, regular usage can quickly restore essential hydration and natural vibrancy to dry, brittle, and over-processed lifeless hair. When the main challenges are to retain moisture and prevent further damage these deep-conditioners works well for your hair care regimen.

In most of the cases as oil begins to build up again in the damaged hair, your damaged hair would return back to normal.

If you can’t drop the gizmo but you’re still concerned to whether is blow drying your hair bad or not, below are some tips to give you peace of mind.

How To Prevent Blow-Dryers From Damaging Your Hair

Conditioner or any other hair repair solution alone can’t fix the damaged hair. And if you can at least minimize the side effects of using such blower dryer, you’d win a mileage to keep hairs healthy looking all year long.

  1. Let the hair dry naturally:

First thing first– let your hair dry on air naturally, at least 70% of it. Using blower heat at the time when hair is wet can evaporate natural oil from hair roots and can weaken your hair. So rather trying dryer immediately after shampooing, allow the hair to dry for 15 to 30 minutes under a towel turban.

  1. Use a cooler setting:

You still can be able to dry your hair after setting the blow dryer’s temperature to low or medium. This is the easiest way to control the heat that comes close to your hair.

  1. Avoid pointing the dryer towards the scalp:

This is the common mistakes most of us are doing every day. Pointing blower towards the scalp will cause you to dehydrate the hair roots by vaporizing the moisture. To avoid this, target your hair dryer towards the tip of the hair so that hair roots retain moisture.

  1. Distribute the heat equally:

Avoid pointing towards one direction for a long time. Pointing the hair dryer at one spot for too long can create excessive heat that might be very difficult for your hair to handle.  This can burn the hair or scalp and create permanent damage. So, it’s better to move the dryer contentiously so that the heat can be distributed equally to hair.

  1. Reduce the frequency of use:

If you give a break using these heat-styling tools, it’ll help you stop killing your hair right away- at least the rest of your healthy hair that are yet to be damaged! So give a break at once.

  1. Use heat-protecting tools:

There are products that can reduce the effects of using such heat-styling devices. Heat protection tools are the game changers and an essential part of any hair care routine that let you continue stylish without damaging your hair further.

These come in the form of cream, gel or liquid. They work by adding a protective layer over the hair and scalp and protect the hair fiber surface. Most of these heat protective products have to use in towels or on a damp but few are designed to apply on the dry hair as well.

  1. Apply a stream of cool air:

Once you have done blow-drying your hair, it time to apply a steam of cool hair. Cooling hair gives your hair more elasticity.

Final Thoughts from Is blow drying your hair BAD

Hair damaged either from chemical or heat can be very traumatic. And again, unless you don’t have any time machine, you can undo the damaged overnight. But the most important thing to grasp is that it’s not the end of the world. Rather you can change the way you treat your hair previously and give some extra love to it from now. Moreover apply deep conditioner not more than once in a week will help you recover and restore your hair to good health.

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