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QuickFX Sunscreen Review

If you’ve been an avid reader of Filipinow, you already know that skin care is so important for me. Most of the content in this website features skin care reviews and sunscreen is one of the top products that I take seriously. Today, you’re going find out if this QuickFX Sunscreen review can help you find an effective yet affordable sunscreen to include in your kikay kit.

When you reach your late 20s, you’re going to realize the importance of sunscreen. The problem is it’s so hard to find something that’s easily accessible to include in a daily routine. Most of the good ones are overpriced.

QuickFX Sunscreen Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

This product came to me by surprise when I was in a drugstore looking for products to use on my getaway.

I had no need for a sunblock as I still have a lot. However, when it made its apparition to me, I was powerless.

First Impression

Packaging is very appealing. I love the simplistic look and the colors used. It didn’t have a lot going on and gave a premium feel. QuickFX products are very affordable but I love how they don’t look cheap.


Ultra-light fast absorbing sunscreen with SPF 50+ PA+++ broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection, helps protect against damaging effects of the sun. Prevents sun spots and freckles.

Titanium Dioxide – known to filter a wide range of UV rays.

Niacinamide – helps lighten the skin for a clean and clear finish.

Adenosine – helps prevent skin aging and improves skin resilience by promoting the synthesis of collagen.

Lotus Water– a powerful antioxidant that leaves the skin hydrated. Provides light coverage to conceal skin imperfections.

BSASM™ – a blend of 7 extracts to soothe the skin. It is known as a safe and effective agent for skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis and acne.

Herb Extracts – effective in tightening the skin for a reduced appearance of pores.

Directions for Use

QuickFX Sunscreen Ingredients

Take an appropriate amount onto the palm of hand and blend into skin in circular motions. Use as the last step in skincare routine. May be applied under makeup or worn alone. Apply liberally 15 minutes before sun exposure. Reapply as needed.

Warnings: For external use only. If product gets into eyes, rinse thoroughly with water. Do not use on skin with open wounds. Discontinue if irritation occurs. If discomfort persists, consult a doctor. Keep out of reach of children.

Let’s head on to what truly matters in this QuickFX Sunscreen review.

My Experience

Scent is very appealing. It reminds me of germicidal soaps and rubbing alcohol.

Texture is liquidy and is easily absorbed by the skin.

Tint is present and a little too light but don’t fret, it doesn’t last long so you don’t have to worry about looking like a geisha.

QuickFX Sunscreen Tint

Offers a bit of weight on the face but it’s not as a bad as what a cream and full-coverage foundation delivers.

You won’t feel icky for the rest of the day.

I haven’t checked for any flashbacks because realistically, we only use SPF products on the day time. Who would dare use camera flash if you have the best natural lighting that the daylight gives?

Final Words

I can’t say anything bad about it. It prevented me from feeling burning sensations from the hot tropical sun. Albeit temporary, it does deliver a certain glow and moisture so it’s perfect for the daytime. Your natural makeup look would love it!

Contains Centella Asiatica extract so if you’re dealing with acne, this might help you as well. It’s not oil-heavy so if you’re acne-prone like I am, don’t skip it!

Retails at only 249 PHP for 30g, a total steal!

  • Packaging: 4/5
  • Efficacy: 5/5
  • Skin-Friendliness: 4/5
  • Affordability: 6/5
  • Availability: 5/5

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