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Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Review

Well well… if you’re here looking for something life-changing because I haven’t been writing reviews for a while, you might just find it through this Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice review.

Yet again, I’m very sorry. I’m juggling 3 jobs right now and I will have to cut back from 3 posts a day to 1 post a week.

I apologize in advance. I love informing people about what’s good in the beauty world but I have to pay my bills too. For those of you who understand, thank you. For those who don’t, thanks as well and please keep reading.

Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Review

by Amanda of Filipinow

I’ve stumbled upon this product because I needed to soothe something. My underarms lightened very quickly but it got burned too. You can read more about that bout through my RDL Baby Face 3 review.

If you’re dealing with sunburn and chemical burn, you may still be able to address it without going to the doctor and getting help from over-the-counter products such as aloe vera gels.

First Impression

The packaging didn’t entice me but it was what the saleslady recommended me. She said that the Jeju Aloe Ice by Fresh Skinlab doesn’t require refrigeration to provide a soothing feeling.

I was often outside the week that my underarms were burning from the strong chemicals and I needed something that I could take out conveniently from my purse.

However, I like the squeezy tube bottle compared to the jar ones because I find it more hygienic and won’t easily spill in my bag.

Let’s move on to what you really came for in this Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice review.

My Experience

Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice Ingredients

I didn’t solely buy the Jeju Aloe ice to address my burns. I also bought it to be utilized as a moisturizer.

It’s very hard to find water-based and gel-based moisturizers in drug stores and for some reason, it’s also hard to find them too in department stores. If you have any suggestions, kindly give your recommendations in the comments section below.

As a soothing gel, I have no bad things to say about the Fresh Skinlab Jeju Aloe Ice. It healed my burns in just a week and it alleviated the pain I felt instantaneously.

It’s easily absorbed by the skin and you won’t feel any sticky feeling.

Scent is very pleasant and delivers a fresh and clean whiff which will be enjoyed by most.

However, as a moisturizer, you wouldn’t love it.

I have very dry skin and it manifests especially on the sides of my nose and it didn’t do anything to address it.

However, for some reason, I noticed that my acne scars became lighter from constant use.

If you’re not dealing with burns, you would enjoy incorporating it in your daily skincare routine if you are suffering from acne and acne scars.

Final Words


Aloe is very effective in restoring the skin’s beauty after a bout with acne. It also soothes active pimples whilst delivering a soothing feeling. I got it for 199 PHP for 300ml and it lasted me for about a month. A true steal!

Efficacy: 5/5

Skin-Friendliness: 5/5

Packaging: 3/5

Affordability: 4/5

Availability: 5/5

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