Human Nature Natural Deodorant Review
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Human Nature Natural Deodorant Review 2020

Today, let us talk about another no frills product from Human Nature, the Natural Deodorant with Lightening Sunflower Oil.

Human Nature Natural Deodorant Review 2020

By Rhea of Filipinow

A lot of consumers have switched to the organic options available- especially when it comes to skincare.

I don’t know about you, but most women find the underarm area among their problem areas.

Who would blame them? The media has dictated us time and again how the perfect pits should look like.

Before I talk your ear off, let us know head to the Human Nature Natural Deodorant with Lightening Sunflower Oil review.

First Impression

The product is contained in a plastic bottle which seems to be sturdy enough.

The plastic cap seals off nicely too.

The label is subtle is simple and appealing.

I got this one for 159.75 PHP.

My Experience

Now, where to begin?

I have a lot to say about my experience with this product.

Let’s begin with the few good things about this one.

This product is hypoallergenic, perfect for people with sensitive skin. I like how it is not sticky when applied. The product also dries easily.

The biggest drawback from using this product is that it did not serve its purpose for me.

It was not able to keep the armpits from being sweaty and it gave out a pungent smell.

The awful smell went away as soon as I stopped using the product.

The product also claims to whiten the skin but I did not notice any change on my armpits.

As for me, I will purchase other products from Human Nature but I’ll steer away from their deodorants.

Final Words

I’m giving you a fair warning- the Human Nature Natural Deodorant did not work for me at all. But if you want to check out their other products, you may do so here.

Packaging: 5/5

Efficacy: 2/5

Skin-Friendliness: 3/5

Affordability: 3/5

Availability: 4/5

Hope you enjoyed this review. Stay tuned for more product reviews and share this post on your timeline!



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