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In here, you will find Filipinow’s Skin Care tips both from experience and history in order to help you take better care of your skin’s health. Let me be the Filipina Blogger to do the dirty work for you.

Filipina Blogger Amanda’s Skin Care Tips

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Skin Type Test

Pimple Remedies

This section will be updated with content that does not only tackle reviews but go in-depth with skin care histories.

Filipinow is not only a Beauty Blog in the Philippines reviewing products and services. Its aim is also to provide readers with wide knowledge about skin care.

I’m the type of Filipina Blogger who likes to get into the nitty gritty of everything Beauty.

Not only will beauty products be featured in this blog, I will also talk to doctor relatives and friends, do research online, and always keep the Modern Pinay up-to-date with the latest in Skin Care.

I value Skin Care above everything else in terms of beauty.

Makeup can come and go but beautiful skin will always be a commodity.

It’s quite hard to be a guinea pig but someone has to do it lol. Cosmetic companies should not test on animals but testing on me is very much welcome.

I will do my best to update the articles in this section and link my blog post reviews of beauty products/services on relevant pages.

I highly advise for you to read the articles in this section before trying the product recommendations on my blog. You’ll have better understanding if the products will work for you if you do so.

Determining your skin type is very important before you put a product on your face.

I currently have dominantly dry skin all over my body with the exception on my t-zone area.

If you have the same skin like I do, you’ll find a lot of relevant posts with your skin type in this blog.

What to Expect in this Blog

I will also feature friends with different skin types and have them review products so that every content is 100% authentic.

Initially, I thought that being a Filipina Blogger is easy but it can be quite tedious.

Inventing reviews is not for me so please be advised that I won’t be posting as rapidly as you’d want me to.

Whenever reviewing products, especially skin care, I need to wait for a certain amount of time before I can give you my final words.

Skin Whitening Product is something that takes a lot more time to review than the rest. If you are going to send me a product to review, note that your product will be reviewed in a minimum of 7 days after I receive the product from you.

Don’t rush me into testing products because I can’t use two products of the same effect at the same time.

Connect with Me

If you are a Filipina Blogger doing Beauty who wants to connect and do collaborations with me, feel free to click the CONTACT page.

I’d love for my readers to have various sources of beauty and skin care tips.

Guest Posts are very much welcome in my site.

If you’re a brand and want to collaborate, kindly go to the CONTACT page as well.

Let beauty conquer this ever-punishing cosmopolitan world!

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