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Skin Whitening Philippines Methodology

“Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” the Evil Queen asked. The age-old question that’s ingrained to the majority of Filipina women who are obsessed with skin whitening products.

Philippines is a country which is culturally diverse but the majority of its people have naturally brown skin.

Spaniards have occupied the country for 333 years and apart from their arsenal of weapons, they also brought with them the ideology that having white skin is equivalent to possessing great beauty.

Let me preface this by saying that I am a Modern Filipina and I don’t live by this archaic standard of beauty but I think that desiring to have fairer skin is a matter of preference.

Why do I whiten my skin?

The same answer why some people get a tan. This question is mundane and it needs to stop.

What are the popular Skin Whitening Methods in the Philippines?

Now we’re talking.

In a country where white skin is a commodity, various companies have stepped their games up and diversified from the first skin whitening product that was created in China which was pearl powder mixed with water (which didn’t work).

There are numerous skin whitening products and procedures in the Philippines and they range from soaps, lotions, creams, serums, pills, injectable and etc.

I’m going to enumerate them from most popular to least. I will not include skin whitening home remedies because I simply don’t have the time for those things and recommending them is like the blind leading the blind.

Let me first warn you that most skin whitening products can lead to dry skin. If you are not up for maintaining that skin type, leave.

Just kidding, if you still want to know the most popular skin whitening methods in the Philippines, then by all means, please continue reading.

Skin Whitening Soap

This method is something that I recommend and have shown great results for myself.

The reason of its efficacy is when you are in the shower, your pores are open which leads to better product absorption.

What I usually do is I lather/scrub my whole body using a skin whitening soap with loofah (I use Papaya) and leave it on for about 5 minutes or play one Mariah Carey song (Touch My Body is my favorite shower song) until it ends.

There are currently two types of popular skin whitening soaps in the Philippines and those are Papaya (trusty old fruit that contains papain which eliminates melanin) and Kojic Acid (the new contender that shows very quick results but comes with a price.)

The others are milk and glutathione (I should try these ones soon).

Papaya Skin Whitening Soap

papaya soap

I prefer this one because it is less harsh and drying to the skin. I’m still able to maintain its effects without having to wear a jacket and carry an umbrella under the sun.

The skin whitening effect of this fruit has delivered great wonders for my skin and the results are permanent (from my experience).

It also has the ability to rid your skin of dead skin cells ensuring growth of new ones.

This skin whitening soap can take YEARS to show results so if you are impatient, I recommend the next one which is…

Kojic Acid Skin Whitening Soap

kojic acid sample

This is something that’s pretty young and I’m positively sure that it didn’t exist in the 90’s or early 2000’s.

The Kojic Acid Skin Whitening Soap is what I call a quick fix.

It’s something to use when you forgot to wear a sunblock from your beach getaway or you forgot to put SPF lotion on your way to work.

One effect I’ve experienced is quick skin whitening but leaving it on the skin for about 5 minutes gives my skin tingly and itchy sensations.

My skin turns very dry when I use this type of product (or maybe because of the brands that I was using).

I’m currently using a Kojic Acid skin whitening soap that’s in glycerin form and it’s amazing.

Ruling out this type of skin whitening soap is not my intention but I have dry and sensitive skin and I don’t recommend this type of product to people who have the same skin type as I do. (Skin Type Test for Free)

Kojic Acid is a very strong whitening agent that not only whitens the skin but also rapidly exfoliates the top layer of it which in turn reveals newer and whiter skin.

Word of Caution: Don’t use this if you routinely stay under the sun as it will give you adverse effects and turn your skin whitening dreams to ruin.

Read the Battle of Whitening Soaps in the Philippines 2018.

Glutathione (The King of Skin Whitening?)

Modern Filipinas are crazy about this skin whitening product because it exhibits quick results and the majority of the feedbacks about its skin whitening effects are of pinnacle quality.

Glutathione is not only a potent skin whitening ingredient, its antioxidant properties are an added bonus as well.

It reduces the levels of melanin and cleanses your skin from toxins and impurities by the abundance of amino acids it contains. Without the unnecessary junk in our bodies, we are sure to reveal healthier, whiter and glowing skin.

Hyperpigmentation is something that glutathione can get rid of, leaving you an even skin tone all over your body.

Added to its benefits is its capability of fighting acne, age spots, freckles and scars.

It’s also packed with vitamins including Vitamin C which prevent you from certain diseases and toxins.

Glutathione comes in two forms which are…

The Pill

drinking pill

Glutathione has a pill variant which should be taken with Vitamin C to obtain optimal results. In my experience, I’ve seen changes in just about 2 months of taking it.

I felt an extra energy boost with glutathione and it’s more than just for skin whitening for me.

Most companies claim that the effects can be seen in around 4 to 6 months but the effects came quicker for me. The brand that I was taking before was Dr. James and that was around 2009.



Injectable Glutathione is quite expensive and using glutathione or any type of skin whitening product requires maintenance.

I’ve never tried the injectable ones because when those boomed in the market, I was already satisfied with my skin color.

I have a friend who has very fair skin and I can attest to her before and after glutathione journey.

Picture this… from MAC NC40 to MAC NC20, that’s how her skin color has changed.

The downside is there are a lot of black-marketers selling fake glutathione products in the Philippines. The real ones are costly to maintain, hence the copying.


I’ve only recently tried topical glutathione and I really liked it. AVON Skin So Soft Glutathione Review 2018.

Skin Whitening Lotions

These come in a dime a dozen. Let me preface by saying that this is the type of skin whitening product that I disdain. The reason being is because lotions should be able to moisturize your skin and not dry it out.

Leaving skin whitening products on your skin for a long time causes it to be irritated. Instead of obtaining a whiter skin, what you’ll get are scars. Scratching your body because of the unfamiliar sensations from your newly dried-out skin is something that’s out of the goal.applying cream

Skin Whitening lotions in the Philippines claim that they do not dry the skin out. My experience with more than a dozen begs to differ.

I’ll leave the skin whitening job to my soap, get a hydrating lotion, and enjoy my restful sleep without having the need to scratch something while in the middle of my slumber.

Skin Whitening Creams and Serums

These products are used on the face (on the body if you prefer, moneybags) and I am one of their patrons.

Skin whitening serums and creams are usually milder than skin whitening products for the body.

Our skin on the face is thinner and it needs gentle care.

Creams and serums designed for skin whitening usually eliminate dark spots, acne scars and hyperpigmentation.

The usual ingredients of skin whitening creams are milk, hydroquinone, papaya, kojic acid, and glutathione.

Tip: Before using any product with hydroquinone, kindly consult your dermatologist first. It is a very strong chemical used for skin whitening and peeling and it comes in different percentages.

Please be informed that creams and serums cannot act as standalone moisturizers. You still need to use a moisturizer after your skin absorbs the skin whitening cream or serum to prevent your face from being dry.

Glycolic Peel Facial Procedure for Skin Whitening

The Glycolic Peel Facial procedure for skin whitening is a service that’s usually offered in dermatologist or skin clinics in the Philippines. This is something I’ve tried and I really liked. However, I had to give it up because I don’t live close to the clinic anymore.

The reason why I really like this facial is it delivers instant results.

getting a facial

If you have acne, blackheads and whiteheads, this is your go to facial!

They usually start the service by washing your face. They continue by removing all of your acne, blackheads, and whiteheads before applying the Glycolic Acid.

Glycolic Peel is a type of Chemical Peel. It is milder because it’s composed of AHA (Alphahydroxy Acid) made from Sugar Canes.

It peels the top layer of your skin in one go and it’s something that I truly recommend.

They also open and close your pores before and after the peel to optimize the product absorption and your skin’s protection.

Once the procedure is done, they sell you products to maintain your freshly smoothened and whitened skin.

The price of the Glycolic Peel Facial varies from clinic to clinic. Don’t fret because it’s something that a Modern Pinay can easily maintain as you only have to go through it once a month.

The facial in the clinic in Makati that I used to go to costs roughly around 1,800 PHP including the soap, toners, moisturizers and SPF for maintenance.

It’s not a lifetime journey. If you already have your desired facial skin quality, you can visit the clinic every 3 months instead of every month.

Consistently getting a Glycolic Peel Facial for skin whitening for 4 months guarantees you flawlessly clear and whiter skin.

Skin Whitening Body Scrub Procedure

This works just like a Kojic Acid Soap, it’s not awe-inspiring or life-changing.

Only do this if you don’t know how to properly take a shower/bath.


They offer this in spas and massage parlors.

I wouldn’t call it a groundbreaking innovation for skin whitening, it’s just something to do when you feel the need to be pampered.

However, I have one favorite skin whitening scrub that you can use at home. A Bonne Miracle Spa Milk Shower Salt Review.

We’ve come to the conclusion of this skin whitening guide. It saddens me because I like blabbering about this topic.

The ones that made the list are the most popular skin whitening methods in the Philippines.

I’ve experienced all of them aside from the injectable glutathione (which my friend did).

There are other methods out there but the ones I listed above have been proven and tested by yours truly.

Filipinos know how to do Skin Whitening the right way and if you are from abroad and are curious of trying these out, feel free to do so and tell me about it.

Let me share your results to the world!

Below are some photos of before and after of my skin whitening progress.

My Skin Whitening Experience Before and After

skin whitening philippines
Click Photo for HD
before and after skin whitening philippines
Click Photo for HD

If you have more questions about skin whitening, I’ll do my best to respond quickly and help you.

Send me an email at [email protected]

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